Nature Outlook Highlights Research in the Fight Against Chronic Kidney Disease

Trestle Co-Founder and CSO, Alice Chen, Ph.D., provides insight on the fields of kidney stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, and how Trestle is advancing bioengineered kidney tissues for patients with kidney failure.

Trestle Biotherapeutics Backed by Y Combinator

Trestle Biotherapeutics is now backed by Y Combinator (YC), an elite start up accelerator that has launched more than 3000 companies, including Stripe, Airbnb, DoorDash, Coinbase, Instacart, Dropbox, Ginkgo Bioworks, and 64x Bio. Trestle accepted YC’s invitation to join the Winter 2021 cohort, and will be working directly with YC Partners Jared Friedman, Surbhi Sarna, and Tim Brady.

Trestle Founding Team Co-Authors Report Describing Benefits of 3D Bioprinting on Human Kidney Organoid Development

Founding scientists of Trestle co-author report describing use of automated bioprinting to enable human kidney organoid generation with improved throughput, reproducibility, scale, and nephron development. This work represents an important step forward in the areas of kidney tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Trestle Founding Team Co-Authors Report Describing Proof of Concept For Use of 3D Bioprinted Human Kidney Organoids in High Content Drug Screening

Founding scientists of Trestle co-author report demonstrating proof-of-concept for automated production of human kidney organoids using a 3D bioprinter. This approach enables rapid generation of large numbers of kidney organoids for use in high content compound screening.