Trestle Founding Team Co-Authors Report Describing Benefits of 3D Bioprinting on Human Kidney Organoid Development

November 23, 2020

Founding scientists of Trestle co-author report describing use of automated bioprinting to enable human kidney organoid generation with improved throughput, reproducibility, scale, and nephron development. This work represents an important step forward in the areas of kidney tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Lawlor, K.T., Vanslambrouck, J.M., Higgins, J.W. et al. Cellular extrusion bioprinting improves kidney organoid reproducibility and conformationNat. Mater. 20, 260–271 (2021).

Highlighted In:

Humphreys, B.D. Bioprinting better kidney organoidsNat. Mater. 20, 128–130 (2021).

The promise of organoids and embryoidsNat. Mater. 20, 121 (2021).