Trestle Biotherapeutics Backed by Y Combinator

Jan 5, 2021

Trestle Biotherapeutics is now backed by Y Combinator (YC), an elite start up accelerator that has launched more than 3000 companies, including Stripe, Airbnb, DoorDash, Coinbase, Instacart, Dropbox, Ginkgo Bioworks, and 64x Bio.

Trestle accepted YC’s invitation to join the Winter 2021 cohort, and will be working directly with YC Partners Jared Friedman, Surbhi Sarna, and Tim Brady.

“We are honored to be funded by YC and thrilled to be alongside others who look at a problem through bold lenses when building the right solutions. We are especially proud to be a part YC’s growing focus on supporting the next generation of healthcare and biotechnology companies,” said Ben Shepherd, CEO of Trestle.

The program initiates in January 2021. In addition to early financial investment from YC, Trestle will receive long term strategic support from YC partners and staff.