Board Observer

John Jersin is a startup investor, advisor, and board director for a range of companies with a focus on social impact; including in digital health tech, life sciences, and biotech. He has helped a number of companies grow from seed stage to IPO. John was previously Vice President of Talent Solutions for LinkedIn, LinkedIn’s largest business unit – which includes several product lines driving a multi-billion dollar revenue stream – as well as all of the job seeking experiences on LinkedIn. While at LinkedIn, he launched several new product lines and platforms such as the Talent Insights analytics product, the Talent Hub applicant tracking system, a new industry standard integration called Recruiter System Connect, LinkedIn’s skill assessment platform, and the world’s first major recruiting diversity features to limit bias in recruiting, and many others.

John joined LinkedIn via the acquisition of Connectifier, where he was CEO and co-founder. At Connectifier, John built a platform used by tens of thousands of companies, and pioneered the use of Artificial intelligence in recruiting to promote diversity and efficiency. Prior to Connectifier, John was a product and engineering leader in Google’s Ads group. He launched the first version of real-time analytics in Google Analytics, as well as the first social analytics features. John was also CEO and co-founder of Zintin, a company which built iPhone apps, including Scribble which was one of the 10 most popular apps in the first year of the iPhone app store. John received a BS and an MS in Computer Science from UC San Diego, and Stanford University. He also created The Jersin Foundation to support social impact through non-commercial means. The Jersin Foundation takes action on issues of public good which require a technical or scientific perspective.